Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The foolish fox and the kitten.

There was once a kitten.
He was kind to every one and helps everyone.
The next night he was walking around suddenly a
fierce freaky fox jumped out from a bush,the kitten
shivered and then managed to stay still.

"Hello Mr fox were are you going"asked the kitten nervously.

"I am going to my home in the hill by the tree"growled the fox

"i was looking for supper by the way and
i think i found my supper a tasty kitten".

"oh please don't eat me i know
were my master hides his large cheese said the kitten.

(the kitten has a brilliant plan)

So he led the foolish fox into the master's
well the water was perfectly still.

"The large cheese is inside this well"said the kitten

(the moon reflected on the water and it
looked like a great big cheese to the fox)

"the well has two buckets"
explained the the kitten.

After knowing what the fox has to do the kitten
jumped in one of the buckets and went down

"come on jump into the other bucket"

called the kitten and as the fox went down

the kitten went up and escaped and the fox
had more weight that the foolish fox
drowned and was dead.
The clever kitten
went into his master's house
and the master
gave him real delicious cheese.

That was the story of the
clever kitten
and the foolish fox the end.

Never be rude and naughty
to anybody
you will fall into a punishment.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

An India Trip

After a long time I was really really happy to visit India again. We went to the airport and took our luggage into the airport.
It was a bit freezing in there but I had a warm coat on. We took our luggage into a zone where they check small things. It took so long that I turned a bit annoyed. We went past lots of people with lots of things in their hands and next to them, I saw one person who was in my school.
He was in year 5 and I was in year 4.Then we have to go to the weighing machine I was a little bit afraid the weight will be more because we had more then 6 luggage we had to wait in a long queue after 30 minutes it was our turn we put the luggage in a box like thing.
The number came above 30 and the total weight was 159kg we had 9kg more!!
The staff said we have to pay for that or we have to remove some things .While my mum and dad were talking with the staff about the weight I looked at a board it said in big writings beware of swine flu.
I was scared and I had some cough. My mum said I wouldn’t get anything. After some hours we were waiting for our flight then suddenly electronic board said our flight name we ran to the door and went into the plane I was really happy. The plane slowly moved and it went really fast and soon I was in the sky I looked down through the window we were so high the buildings were invisible.
After 4hrs I was eating food I didn’t like it at all. I only ate a little bit and drank 2 small cups of orange juice.
Next day early morning at last I have reached my own country we were in Cochin airport we went to a man who checks our temperature. They were very strict about swine flu. When the man checked my head it went up to 103 f, they said I have to go to a hospital .
I was very sad. When I was in the hospital they have to take a blood result and a throat swab, I have to wait until next day for the swab result if it was positive I have to stay in the dirty hospital for 5 days more, if it was negative I can go home.
While I was sleeping I thought about playing with my cousins, I was very, very sad. Next day at night I got my swab result .
I was worried… it was positive!
I cried and cried I have to stay in the dirty hospital for 5 days.
It was very dirty and smelly.
The 5 days were up I was very excited because I wads going to see my cousins, when I reached my house I ran off to my cousins and played lots of games and I went to see my grandma and I hugged her. 2 days later I heard we are not aloud to go anywhere for few days.
We had sambar, pappadam and more yummy food. When we are allowed to go outside I went to my dad’s brother’s factory with my cousin.
My family went to small and big temples, when we were in the middle of our holiday we went to Mookambika temple and Goa.
we stayed in Goa for 2 days. It was really fantastic and Mookambika was very fantastic .
In Goa we went to lots of beaches and I played in the water with my cousins and I made a sandcastle all by my self. I went to my aunt’s house and stayed there for 1 day.
After I went to an amazing zoo I saw great lions and other small and large animals. I bought some shirts and cool clothes.
Next day I had a great day because it was my grandma’s birthday. It was a cool birthday and we had sadhya.
I went to my mum’s house and stayed there for 1 day. After I went and drove a JCwas so cool and after all this fun it was time to go to London.
All of us was really sad and especially my cousin, we went to the airport and took our luggage into a machine to scan the things inside the luggage it was okay and we have to wait some long queues .1 hour later I was in the plane sad and unhappy the staff gave me some food and I watched a good movie and fell into a long sleep when I woke up I was in London Heathrow airport.
We went to a spinning thing to get our luggage and went to a queue and showed what was inside our luggage and passport.
45 minutes later we went out of the airport and my dad’s friend came to pick us up and when we reached home it was evening .
Now we had to wait next three years to go back to INDIA AGAIN!!!.